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Launching January 2021

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The AD Guild is the new professional association for all Assistant Directors working in the UK - a centre of excellence which provides training, benefits and grade certification.

  • Grading Scheme

    Allowing for progression through merit and experience that will feed into Supplementary and Full Guild membership

  • Benefits

    Insurance schemes, pension plans and member discounts

  • AD Academy

    Training programmes and the formation of an AD Academy

  • Availability calendar

    Log previous work and keep prospective employers aware of your future availability

Encompassing all areas of AD work

Film & Drama
Continuing Drama & Soaps
Commercials & Promos

The Guild will remain independent of BECTU to a large extent but working together more closely, combining the strengths of both, to push forward the aims and desires of all ADs based across the whole of the UK

Self Certification Scheme

We are starting with a Self Certification scheme for all grades which will run until the launch date.

Access to the Guild is on a free application or invitation basis, which is and will be reliant on proof of days worked and/or recommendations. Membership fees only apply after acceptance.

Questions about self certification? Read our FAQs or get in touch

Supplementary Membership

Open to 1st ADs, 2nd ADs & 3rd ADs who are working through the Grading Scheme.

Full Membership

Open to 1st ADs & 2nd ADs having achieved the required amount of days.

Honorary Membership

By invitation in recognition of a Lifetime Achievement.

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This is finally a chance to bring the needs of the AD community to the fore. Help us help you, and let's start working together.