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A busy summer continues into autumn

Message from the Chair

The AD Guild is the new professional association for all Assistant Directors working in the UK - a centre of excellence which provides training, benefits and grade certification.

First Guild MMS Training wrapped

The first AD Guild Movie Magic Scheduling Training sessions in Glasgow has just wrapped. We will have more dates soon. More details here...

Upcoming Events

AD Guild Council Meeting

31st October 2021 @ 10:00

The next AD Guild Council meeting will be held on Sunday 31st October. Please let us know if you would like something raised at this meeting. Find out more

Regional Committee Meeting

7th November 2021 @ 10:00

Members of the Regional Committee will meet online to discuss their agenda. Find out more

Meet The ADs - Wales (date TBC)

13th November 2021 @ 10:00

A great opportunity to meet a key team of ADs working in Wales. Our earlier sessions have been inspirational and informative so don't miss this opportunity to meet and learn! Open to non-Guild Members - come and find out more about the Guild. Find out more

COVID 19 Guidance

Get up to date with the latest experiences of working with COVID on various production and read the most up to date guidance in our resources section.

Find An AD

The latest upgrade to our Find an AD facility. Fine-tune your search to include AD's availability, skills and on set experience.

Guild Committees

Education & Training

1st AD, Francesco Reidy introduces the Guild's Movie Magic Scheduling training, available soon for AD Guild Members.


Working on behalf of all Guild members working in Commercials.


Evaluating all membership applications and running the Guild Grading Scheme.

Diversity & Equality

Championing greater diversity in our industry, valuing our differences and promoting equal opportunity for all.


Representing the interests of our UK-wide membership and looking at regional opportunities for training and development.

Pensions and Insurance

Aiming to provide professional insurances, pensions and other benefits for Guild members

Rate Card

Following feedback from the Guild membership, we are working on a new, fair and achievable rate card in association with BECTU.

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