Membership FAQs

Please contact Membership if your question is not answered below.

How many shoot days do I need to be a Runner in the Guild?

All applications for Runners or Key Runners need to provide evidence of at least 100 shoot days to qualify as a member of the AD Guild. This is to ensure the quality and experience of Guild membership. There will be a Trainee scheme set up soon where Runners with less experience can register their interest in joining the Guild, log their shoot days and keep in touch with Guild news.

Does membership of other Guilds help simplify my application to the AD Guild?

DGA membership, or being on the Qualification List, can be taken as proof of enough experience to become a Full Member of the AD Guild in your Grade. (The DGA requires between 400 - 520 International Days in grade, plus a confirmed contract at DGA rates)

Production Guild full membership may be taken as proof of enough experience to become an AD Guild member in your Grade. Supplementary membership of the Production Guild may be taken as enough proof to become a Supplementary Member in your Grade.

How do I add new days worked to my tally of days?

You can now do this online by logging into Your Account and clicking on 'Manage Membership and Add Days'. You can then add your new information and our Membership team will be informed. Please only contact Membership once you are confident you have enough days to move up a level (e.g. Supplementary to Member) or Grade (e.g. 2nd AD to 1st AD).

Can I join / progress through grades if I have skipped a grade?

The Guild believes valuable experience can be gained by having experience in all AD grades but it is possible. At the moment, if you decide to skip a grade, you will have to clock up a certain amount of experience in the higher grade before the Guild recognises you in that grade. (Pls see Membership Qualification Chart)

Do ‘Days Worked’ include pre-production / recces? Or just shooting days?

Up to 25% of the ‘days worked’ can be Prep days. For example -

1st AD - maximum of 125 Prep days will count in the 500 days required
2nd AD - maximum of 125 Prep days will count
Crowd 2nd / Floor 2nd / 3rd AD - maximum of 75 Prep days will count

Which grades are appropriate to give me References?

Appropriate and recognised References for your applications are -

1st AD

  • 1st AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

2nd AD:

  • 1st AD / 2nd AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

Crowd 2nd AD / Floor 2nd AD:

  • 1st AD / 2nd AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

3rd AD:

  • 1st AD / 2nd AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

Key AD Runner:

  • 1st AD / 2nd AD / 3rd AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

AD Runner:

  • 1st AD / 2nd AD / 3rd AD / Director / UPM / LP / Producer

Do short films count as days worked in the Film & Drama strand?


I live outside the UK / I am a foreign national - can I still join the AD Guild?

If you hold a British Passport or valid right to work Visa then yes, but your days worked overseas might not count towards you grade / level. This will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

If you do not have right to work in the UK, then at this time you are not eligible to join the AD Guild. In future we may set up an Overseas Associate Membership scheme.

I’d like to join but I am too busy / experienced to fill out the forms. Do I have to apply like everyone else?

As with most Guilds, all ADG Members have to be assessed by the Membership team so they can be placed in the appropriate category. Unless you can prove exisiting membership of the DGA or The Production Guild of Great Britain (which means you have already been vetted), you will have to go through the usual online application process. Most applicants will be asked for further documentation, although in exceptional cases that may be waived.

Can I gift AD Guild membership to a team mate?

We are looking at this option in future developments, but gifting membership through the website payment system is not currently possible.

I stepped up recently and have been working on soaps and scripted comedies: do comedies fall under the Continuing Drama & Soaps strand, or Film & Drama?

Comedies recorded in front of an audience are covered in ‘Continuing Drama & Soaps’. Any other comedy is in the ‘Film & Drama’ strand.

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