ADG Spring Update

We are excited to introduce our routine quarterly newsletter, offering updates on AD Guild initiatives, upcoming events and opportunities to contribute for the wider membership community.

AD Guild Update: April 2024

We are excited to mark Spring 2024 with a brand new Advisory Council. As we look towards an ambitious year ahead, we strategise towards our milestones across education and training, diversity and inclusivity, work towards our Rate Card and our regional events to come.

New AD Guild Advisory Council 2024

AD Guild carried out our AGM on Sunday 24th March at 10:00 AM. During this AGM, an election was held for our new Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is responsible for guiding the strategy and vision of the Guild, and is now made up of individuals both within our membership organisation and the wider Film and HETV Industry.

To learn more about our new Advisory Council members, read here. To read our Manager’s Report, read here. The minutes to this meeting are available here.

We would like to thank membership for attending the election, as well as congratulate our new Advisory Council on their new roles. 

AD Guild will be holding our first Advisory Council meeting on Sunday 28th April 2024 in which the appointment of the Chair will take place. We look forward to hearing the new ideas of our Advisory Council, and their input in helping us reach our goals and objectives ahead. 

New Committee Vision

As part of our efforts to make our work here at AD Guild more inclusive, we have remodelled the nature of our Committees to ensure greater accessibility to our membership.

Rather than previous Committee Elections that took place, our new vision is to transform these sessions into easy-drop-in working groups in which members can attend  based on their interests per initiative.

Whether you are interested in running a regional social, or are passionate about contributing to an AD Guild podcast, there is a committee for you. Perhaps you are looking to shape our plans for pensions and finance, or are driven to work towards our standardisation of rates. Below you can find a list of our committees, and how to get involved.

Our committees are open to hear your ideas however big or small, and our paid staff are here to support this going forward. 

Would you like to join a Committee?

Education & Training Committee - Download Handbook

The Education & Training Committee is one of the cornerstones of our AD Guild. Its webinars, training, courses and events form some of the key benefits provided to our membership and support their professional development. Right now we are working towards our upcoming 2nd AD Course, Summer MMS training and working towards grading and certification for AD’s.

Pensions & Finance Committee - Download Handbook

The Pensions & Finance Committee is a key part of the Guild’s plan to support members throughout their working lives in the profession, no matter at what stage they start. Our latest partnership proposal will include  providing resources, webinars and complimentary pensions and finance sessions for our membership. We will need our committee to help shape this material to ensure it is tailored to our membership.

Diversity & Equality Committee - Download Handbook

The Diversity & Equality Committee is an essential part of our vision for a more accessible and diverse workforce. It aims to support and advocate for greater diversity within our industry and to provide the opportunities and structures to ensure members from all backgrounds feel empowered and welcomed within it. We have essential outreach planned with Bectu’s Diversity Branch, as well as organisations and charities such as Arts Emergency as to how we can work towards greater diversity and equality by helping support equal opportunities within the industry.

Rate Card Committee - Download Handbook

The Rate Card Committee is a critical partner for the industry in researching and promoting fair employment rates for AD Guild members; it was one of the key drivers behind the Guild’s formation in 2020. This Committee’s ambition is to fight for a fair and transparent standardisation of rates for all Assistant Directors across the various industry formats and to help uphold these rates through labour unions such as BECTU. This Committee’s continued work on the ADG Rate Card is a consistent part of our strategy and commitment to these goals.

Website & Social Media Committee - Download Handbook

The Website & Social Media Committee offers a creative platform for members to contribute to the wider content of AD Guild. This includes everything from website content and user journey, to news, social media campaigns and multimedia content as part of our membership engagement and wider recruitment strategy. We are looking to organise a pilot for the AD Guild podcast, and require members to actively contribute to topic creation, as well as participate in taking part in the podcasts. We will also be looking to discuss Social Media Campaigns related to promoting AD Guild and our membership.

Membership Committee - Download Handbook

The Membership Committee is responsible for the approval process of admitting new AD Guild members. It has an integral role in the review and validation of membership applications and ensures the quality and appropriate level of membership. It also helps to resolve any internal members’ disputes and oversees any disciplinary procedures associated with this. For this reason it will now be remodelled into a closed committee, due to the nature of dealing with sensitive information of potential members. If you would like to be considered as a Membership Committee member, please email by Sunday 5th May 2024.

Regional Committee - Download Handbook

The Regional Committee is an important part of the Guild’s holistic approach to membership engagement across the UK. This Committee’s work requires a collaborative approach, providing ways in which the Guild can have a regional presence across events, outreach initiatives, socials and networking as well as our wider membership recruitment strategy nationwide. We are working closely with the Liverpool Film Office on hosting our first regional MMS training, our first regional social, as well as attending and supporting their festivals and events that cover the Liverpool area. If you are local to this region or interested in representing ADG events specific to your region, we’d love to see you there.

How to get involved

Please email to be assigned to a Committee via Basecamp, which is our platform for communicating on initiatives and scheduling meetings. 

Please also stay tuned on the AD Guild Events Calendar to see when Committee meetings are taking place. 

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