Job Share Round Up by Share My Telly Job: Are you Interested in Job Sharing?

A Job Share round up of all the progress being made by Share My Telly Job and ScreenSkills providing tangible support to help all TV and Film workers achieve a better work-life balance.

Share My Telly Job (now was founded 7 years ago by four experienced television professionals to promote practical solutions to hiring and, crucially, retaining experienced, diverse industry talent.  They provide tangible support to help all TV and Film workers achieve a better work-life balance so they may continue to thrive in an industry they have dedicated their working lives to.

Job Shares among ADs are growing in popularity in Germany but still early days in the UK

Among ADs in the UK, the topic of job shares became more widespread in February 2022. There had been some ADs trying job shares. Mostly from home with another AD at base/set. However, the only consistent method of job sharing (that we were tipped about) came from Carlos Fidel, who through circumstance and necessity, found himself job sharing in Berlin (in the style of split-shifting) as a Key 2nd AD. Carlos then introduced the concept to other 2nd ADs in Berlin and went on to share successfully on two TV series. Carlos has almost 200 days of (fascinating!) job sharing insight for 2nds.

Among the ADs that supported the wider conversation and Carlos’ method were Helen Morgan (née Kenyon), mother of two, who successfully job shared for seven months last year and Danni Richards who job shared alternate blocks on a US drama. The latter is a common practice in North America, but seems to be new in the UK? 

Furthermore, the AD Guild encouraged the conversation by publishing an article about job shares and recently we did a very informative webinar. The AD Guild have kindly allowed us to access this video long term in this link:

News from 2022 to January 2023:

  • Until late in 2022 it was thought only same level experienced ADs could job share. However Carlos reported a case where a new 2nd job shared successfully in Berlin by taking the morning shift and an experienced 2nd perfected the call-sheet in the afternoons. 

  • Job sharing among ADs has spread beyond Carlos Fidel’s group of ADs in Berlin which is amazing news. I am currently corresponding with two Mum ADs that shared a Key 2nd role in Berlin to find out how they did it. (interview available on request).

  • Coaching began for job share pairs in the Screenskills/SMTJ 2023 scheme on January 25th. It was a very enriching day learning about setting goals, awareness of each other’s strengths and weaknesses as well as learning about healthy feedback and communication skills.

  • Netflix is all in, wishing to have job shares in every production after a successful pilot last year (in 2022) through SMTJ. 

News from 15.05.23

  • Great news regarding job shares in Germany. The word continues to spread. Carlos has been approached by two AD teams in recent weeks wanting to use the job share system they are on. It includes an HETV series with A-list cast being filmed there. 

  • Then a 3rd production, a feature, has a 1AD that was openly against job shares. However, two years on, because his regular 2nd retired from the industry after being repetitively burned out, it seems it has given him pause for thought as he has now changed his mind and has accepted the system (with one co-key 2nd being a young mother)! 🥳🎉

Most recent news as of 01.03.24

  • They have two more UK case studies of successful job sharing late last year among Key 2nd ADs on the Screenskills/SMTJ scheme (interviews available on request).

  • Their WhatsApp group now has 64 Assistant Director members for news updates 👏

  • They also have a new UK case study for Crowd 2nd Assistant Directors. This was also a successful job share. However, in scenarios where Crowd 2nd ADs are regularly in contact with multiple agencies, there is a need to develop innovative strategies that allow job-sharing ADs to detach from their roles on their time off. 

  • Latest update from Carlos Fidel:

2nd AD Job shares are on the rise across Germany, with Carlos only finding out by coincidence of the various teams job sharing. It seems to have become a normalised and celebrated aspect of the country’s film landscape! But even better, Carlos and his co-2nd AD partner are currently in prep, job sharing on a US feature film with a very well known director! Amazing stuff Carlos! 🙌🏼 Watch this space! 🥳🎉

  • Latest update from Michelle Reynolds: 

Share My Telly Job is now closed but the website has been revamped as a resource library for all things job-sharing including webinars and case studies. Moreover, there is an amazing HETV Job-sharing Bible available to download on the  ReelTime website at:

ReelTime Media continues the job-sharing work started by SMTJ and they are currently wrapping up the ScreenSkills HETV programme with the probability of running it again later in the year - watch this space!  

They are currently running a Return to Work programme for ScreenSkills for people wanting to return to the Production or Locations department in HETV.

As with SMTJ, all this work ties into ReelTime’s focus on Good Work in TV and film, where people are paid fairly for working fair hours in a happy, healthy and inclusive working environment. 🙌🏼🙌🏼

What’s on now 

AD job share pairs can still access the ScreenSkills fund (making their salary more affordable) through Michelle Reynolds for HETV productions all over the UK in 2024. The part of the programme that includes pairing the job-sharers, training for both the job-sharers and the companies that employ them, as well as bespoke coaching and ongoing support will be taking place later in the year. 

They still don’t have enough ADs applying. So for them, there is no deadline to apply. 

Next steps if you want to job share

All the ADs that have been interviewed can confirm job sharing is possible and highly recommended. Like Carlos said in the AD Guild webinar (link). “It’s not about learning a new way of working, but about moving all the work online with shared documents.”

If you want to investigate more, please email for an info pack that includes:

– Carlos Fidel's suggested split-shift method of work for 2ndADs.

– UK 2nd AD job share case studies. We now have six ADs!

– Michelle’s powerpoint presentation. 

– Next step instructions for anyone interested in finding a job share partner or wanting to apply for the Reeltime/Screenskills job share scheme.