Largest Amount of Film Studio Infrastructure Built In the UK in Half a Century

Contributing feature by AD Guild Member, 1st AD Jude Campbell on the expansion of studio infrastructure in the UK.

The Times reported last year that the UK is set to have more studio space than LA by 2024. With this in mind, and after hearing about so many talented UK film technicians struggling financially these past 6 months with very little work - surely isn’t 2024/25 going to be a crazy busy year again?

I did a bit of research into this and it’s frankly quite astonishing how much Studio expansion is actually going on.

Here’s a mention of just a few...

  • Broxborne in Herfortforshire is currently finishing Sunset Studios just off the M25. 700M project planned to have 60 stages due to finish by 2025

  • Buckinghamshire is finishing off the new Wycombe Studios which plans to have 8 sound stages

  • Berkshire has the new Shinfield Studios just off the M4 with 16 new Sound Stages

  • There is the new Sky Studios in Elstree

  • Dagenham in East London has got the new Eastbrook Studios with 12 sound stages and a 3 acre backlot.

  • Bovingdon Airfield in Hertfordshire has the new Bovingdon Airfield Studios with 4 new giant stages

  • The town of Marlow in Buckinghamshire is awaiting planning permission for start building the

    new Marlow Film Studios

  • Ashford in Kent is building the new Ashford International Studios with 4 sound Stages to be completed by 2025

  • West London Studios is building another 4 stages across the road

  • Bray Studios now has 5 Stages

  • Birmingham has started to build a huge new studio film complex called Digbeth Locations Studios

  • A place called Stewartby in Bedfordshire (not too far north of Luton) is planning to build the largest new film studios in the UK by 2025

  • Leavsden wants to build another 11 new sound stages

  • Pinewood wants to develop another 21 along with us already having Shepperton, Elstree, Ealing and Longcross.

Plus lots more major development happening up north in places like Sunderland, Liverpool and

Scotland and also over in Wales.

Links to a few of the references - listed below

The above piece was researched and written by 1st AD, Jude Campbell.