Movie Magic Software Training 2023 at AD Guild

AD Guild would like to extend a big thank you to those who attended our MMS Training weekends over August 2023.

AD Guild hosted Movie Magic Software training weekends across the 4-5th August and 12-13th August for AD Guild members.

The training weekend gathered AD's across all grades to the National Film and Television School in London and Beaconsfield for a wealth of knowledge and learning led by MMS teacher Francesco Reidy, Vice Chair of AD Guild.

Members expressed their gratitude for the course as well as the host of benefits, tips and tricks they left with.

Members Reviews

"Although I have been firsting for over 10 years with only a crash course -half day at Pinewood Studios in 2012 as a starting point for scheduling I have to say that what you have shown me over the past few days Cesco has been invaluable!

"My theory in life is that no-one is ever old enough or experienced enough to learn new tricks and skills, there is always something we can pick up from others and you have certainly taught me some of those!"

"Training was nothing short of exceptional. Cesco’s expertise, passion and dedication to his craft made the learning process enjoyable and rewarding. I left the training feeling empowered and equipped with the necessary skills to dive into the world of moviemaking confidently."

"I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone seeking to unlock the magic of moviemaking through the Movie Magic software. Special thanks for the homemade Italian pastaOverall, a great weekend with amazing people!"

"Francesco was an absolutely amazing teacher, with so much knowledge and wisdom to impart. The course was structured well, and all of us left with the ability to craft a schedule on Movie Magic efficiently and effectively. Would highly recommend to any guild member looking to step up, or improve their scheduling skills."

A big thank you to Francesco Reidy, who members described as teaching the course with patience, kindness and humour generously giving everyone an equal amount of his time and assistance across the two days. Additionally, for all his hard work, organisation, time and effort both before, during and after the training weekends.

A big thank you also to Richard Lingard, Vice Chair of AD Guild, for helping to provide our venue for the training weekends, as well as a huge thank you to the National Film and Television School for offering us their venue.