Assistant Director Awards 2023: Winners Announced

We are very proud to announce the winners of the AD-Award 2023!

The AD-Award 2023 winners are:

AD-Award Feature in Gold: ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ / ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues’

Team: 1st AD Benedict Hoermann, Key 2nd AD Filip Moravec, Crowd 2nd AD Valerie Adamer, 3rd AD / Base AD Viktorie Vávrová, Local 1st AD / Floor 2nd AD Jan Mensík, Crowd 3rd AD Pavel Tucek, AD PA / 3rd AD 2nd Unit Matej Kricner, AD-PA Viktor Zák 

AD-Award Feature in Silver: ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’

Team: 1st AD Rod Smith, 2nd AD Jon Nasraway, 2nd 2nd AD Ken Wu

AD-Award Feature in Bronze: ’Tár’

Team: 1st AD Sebastian Fahr-Brix, 2nd AD Maria Mehnert, 3rd AD Tobias Asam, Crowd 2nd AD Ann-Sophie Heier 

AD-Award Series in Gold: ‘Peaky Blinders’ (season 6)

Team: 1st AD Jon Midlane, 2nd AD Arizona Eastwood, 3rd AD Mike King, Crowd 2nd AD Tony Lucas, Floor Runner Eli Banfield, Floor Runner Oli Brattan, Floor Runner Danielle Scott, Base Runner Georgie Ward 

AD-Awards Series in Silver: ‘1899’

Team: 1st AD Rickie-Lee Roberts, Key 2nd AD Georgina Foley, Crowd 2nd AD David Wunderlich, 3rd AD Anika Dombrowsky, Base 3rd AD Helene Irdor, 2nd Unit 1st AD Katharina Dietl (30 Days), 2nd Unit 1st AD Hayley Williams (13 Days), AD PAs Judith Viebke, Daniel Heringer, Robert Tihonov, Nathaneal Lasch 

AD-Awards Series in Bronze: ‘Andor’

Team: 1st AD Barrie McCulloch (Ep 1,2,3 & EP 8,9,10), 1st AD Toni Staples (EP 4,5,6), 1st AD Finn McGrath (EP 7,11,12), Key 2nd AD Tom Rye (EP 1,2,3), Key 2nd AD James Haven (Ep 8,9,10), Floor 2nd AD Grant Butler, Crowd 2nd AD Daniel Cox