HMRC revised Appendix 1

The Guild would like to announce a  fantastic achievement regarding 2nd AD's now being added to the self employment list on HMRC:

To find this update on the HMRC list please see here.

Stuart Jerome Learmonth and other ADG members worked tirelessly on this and has been a fantastic milestone achieved for all 2nd AD’s in the UK. 

Stuart Jerome Learmonth, the 2nd AD and AD Guild member who lead this advancement, shares:

“I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone that has contributed to making the case for including 2nd Assistant Directors in Appendix 1; the impact we have made is truly remarkable. It is an enormous relief to achieve the outcome we wanted, resolving a long-standing issue of almost 40 years in little over 4 months. 

This goes to show what we as ADs are capable of when we want to bring about change in how we are recognised and how effective we are when we work together to accomplish it; I hope this victory can serve as proof of that to all Guild members as well as encourage them to consider giving of themselves what they can when it is needed. 

It is our department, it is our craft, it is our skillset - we must recognise and value it so that the industry at large will.”

Francesco Reidy, Vice Chair of AD Guild also shared:

“Thanks a million. You’ve made a difference to the lives of many AD’s. Using the best qualities found in our department. Thought, planning, persistence and a “can do” approach. And it shows that together we are strong.”

This advancement shines a light on the positive results generated when both AD Guild and its members take the action to see the change they wish to see for both themselves, and the wider AD community.