Microsoft Excel Training for FREE to AD Guild Members

The AD Guild is inviting you to join a free Microsoft Excel training session, funded by the AD Guild, and taking place Saturday 21st May 10-12pm for beginner level, and Sunday 22nd May 10-12pm for Intermediate level.

As part of our commitment to use Guild funds for the betterment of all AD members, we are proud to offer this fabulous opportunity to learn new skills or improve existing ones. The 2-hour sessions will be hosted by a Microsoft Excel tutor who will be covering a detailed syllabus adapted to, and for, the AD role. There is a limit to the amount of people who will be able to gain access to this Zoom course. So, secure a place and get the necessary course link (below) so as to avoid missing out. We have had a lot of interest in this course from all ranks of the membership.

The life of an Assistant Director involves a wide range of skills both personal and professional. But one thing that links the jobs we all do, regardless of whether it is in the film industry or an entirely different field, is the need to be able to organize the documents which grease the wheels of our working week, and in doing so, not only improve our ability to work efficiently but to handle complex tasks under pressure and to be able to share documents so that they are clearly understood and functional. AD’s function  in a world of “Movie Magic Scheduling “, Emails, WhatsApp-groups, “Pages”, “Word”, and not least of all Microsoft Excel spreadsheets which have become a cornerstone of so many documents in production. 

Whether you are a 2nd AD wanting to put together a crowd breakdown and budget, or a 1st AD wanting to create an “Overview Calendar Schedule” or a 3rd AD wanting to draw up a list for production, showing the distribution of crew radios along with the specific days where additional sets are required, you all need to be competent in the use of Excel. The above example documents are just a few of the many documents used and shared between departments in the film and TV industry. 

So, learning how to be competent in this software can significantly improve your prospects of moving up through the ranks and can simplify and organize your working day, giving you more rest time, greater efficiency, and the reputation of a reliable and capable AD, unfazed by speed and pressure of a challenging shoot. Time spent learning and practicing these skills is nothing short of an investment in yourself.   

If you would like to attend either session, please RSVP securing your place to, including the session you would like to attend. You will then be sent a Zoom link and working document which will be used throughout the session, closer to the date, including additional relevant information to the session.