Movie Magic Software: 3 Tips & Tricks

Are you an AD who has access to Movie Magic Scheduling Software? Were you unable to attend the AD Guild MMS Training Course in association with the NFTS this weekend? You can still benefit by hearing from AD Guild Vice President Francesco Reidy on his ‘3-Tips and Tricks for Movie Magic!’

Tip 1: Inputting Scene Numbers

When inputting scene numbers into MM Scheduling, always put a Zero in front of scenes 1 to 9. So, I mean like this: 01, - 02, - 03..........etc. If you don't do this, when you search for a scene between 1 and 9 in the future, (using Command + J on a MAC or Control  + J on windows) then Movie Magic will probably not find the scene you're looking for. The software needs the 0 in front of scenes 1 to 9 to make it available to the search function. 

Tip 2: The ‘Advanced Search’

The ‘Advanced search’ is an incredibly powerful tool. If you have a strip board schedule in front of you and you want to search for all the days that a particular character is in, and you want to do it quickly, then launch the "find" window with Control or Command + F (PC or Mac) then follow the steps now listed:

  1. Click the Advanced button at the top of the new window.

  2. Click the ADD button on the right of the window. (you see a new line of text appear) 

  3. Place your cursor under the word "Value" on the right of the window.

  4. Click in that space ( below Value) to drop down a menu of all your cast/characters.

  5. Chose a character by clicking once on your selection.

  6. Now look to the bottom left corner of the window at the "Look in" box and change "Sheet" to "Stripboard" in the drop down menu. 

  7. Now on the right of the window click "FIND ALL"

  8. The screen will immediately switch to the stripboard view with all the strips that your chosen character is in, highlighted in red. You can print or PDF this if you like. And you can also use this technique to search the whole schedule for practically anything like vehicles, props  Cranes or whatever you want. Just change the "Category" at the top/middle of the window and scroll the the "Values" in that category. 

Tip 3: Using the red flag manager for ‘Fittings and Rehearsals’

If you use the red flag manager to add "Fittings" or "Rehearsals" for any given cast member to your schedule and you want to see those printed on your Day out of Days document (DOOD) then having entered all the rehearsal and fittings information into your Red Flag window, just go to the "Schedule" drop down menu at the top of the screen and look for "Day out of Day Preferences" in that menu. 

Click on that and look to the right of the new window where you will see a box marked "Print {DOOD}." Just put a tick ( by clicking) into that box, then hit the "OK" button to close the window. Now when you print your DOOD document, all the rehearsals and fittings days will be a part of it even if some of those days are before the shoot starts.