#ADGuildMembersVoice: What AD Guild Means to You

Shining a spotlight on our AD Guild members, we hear from those within the AD Guild community on just how the AD Guild has positively impacted their professional career.

Whether giving them confidence to negotiate using the provided rate cards, or benefiting from a host of resources at their fingertips, we showcase the success of the AD Guild community, and the continued value of our members.

Mireia G Dalmau, Key AD Runner

“I joined the AD Guild very early when I started in the industry as a runner and it’s been a great support so far. Having a sense of community and being able to closely follow the thoughts, concerns and experiences, as well as problems and solutions of more advanced Assistant Directors is a fantastic opportunity!”

Amy Coop, 2nd AD

“I’ve always been a great believer in collective representation and the value it can bring not only to a department but also to the wider industry. As someone who has worked as an AD for over 20 years it’s great to see the Guild finally take shape, not only for my own professional development but for the new generation of ADs coming through.”

Richard Stanley Jan Harris, 1st AD

“The AD Guild for me is a positive link to all us AD’s; to have a national body that works with experienced, as well as new ADs, giving training, advice, feedback and confidence when working in a hectic, but amazing industry. Yes, it’s very early days, but the work done so far in such a small amount of time is incredible! I’m looking forward to what the AD Guild can become.”

Tom Beacham, 2nd AD

“The AD Guild has already helped deliver reduced “prep & wrap time” and increased rates across the board. It finally feels like we are working together to make a better future for all ADs, in all areas, at all levels. Let’s hope we can all stick together to keep the progress going.”