How can you help your Guild?

A Message from our Interim Chair - Jay Arthur

2nd January 2021

Six months ago, a few AD’s got together and talked about forming a Guild.

We had all been heavily involved with other industry associations and, learning from our previous experiences, we decided that a new approach – a Guild - was needed for Assistant Directors. 

We had the ridiculous aim of making this new Guild a reality in just 6 months so that we could launch on 1st January 2021. 

This meant an incredible amount of work had to be done by a dedicated group of AD’s in a short space of time  – we had to sort out a Guild structure and Constitution, a new grading system, put in place an administration to keep the Guild running when we got back to our day jobs and we had to build from scratch a powerful, administrative website which would help busy Council and Committee members carry out their duties with the daily financial and membership work required.  The website is also our shop window and will become the go-to place for production companies looking for AD’s. We also had to set ourselves up as an official non-profit company and deal with all the legalities and financial organisation that this requires. 

After many Zoom calls, mass meetings, complicated debates, surveys, frustrations and excitements, we have arrived. 

I can’t thank enough all those who have been actively involved getting this together and giving up hours of their time, voluntarily, for the good of us all. 

We wanted to reach at least 250 members by our launch date, so that when it came to our first election of Council members, there would be enough AD’s of good standing and quality to run the Guild and take it forward. 

So far, 513 members have applied to join the Guild. This is an incredible achievement in such a short time. With your continued support, we can only go from strength to strength. 

Congratulations to all of you and welcome to your Guild.

What next?

As promised, our launch will trigger the election of the new 2021 Council, from which the Chairs will be chosen.

All members who have paid their quarterly or annual subscriptions by 15th January will be able to nominate themselves for election and vote in the Council Election on 23rd & 24th January. 

We are a Guild built on inclusivity and equality and we want as broad a base of candidates as possible. We also want to actively support all regional areas, so it is important to us that we get candidates from the length and breadth of the UK. 

We have put in the groundwork to establish a Guild we can all be proud of and which will give us a strong voice in the industry - it’s now your chance to build on our foundations. 

Already, we are making the Unions and other groups sit up and take notice. 

The extensive work done on our new rate card has now been presented to BECTU and will be released in the New Year. Ongoing work with Prep and Wrap hours and IR35 have all been spearheaded by ADG members and, with the backing of the new Guild, we are helping push these new moves through. 

Education programmes, Training and Equality are all areas that we can now invest more time in over the next year to establish ourselves as a true leading force. 

The ongoing work with Insurances, PLI, pensions and legal representation are well underway. 

The grading scheme and the allocation of days will enhance the progress of our members through the grades and reinforce our status as being among the best AD’s in the business. 

Our Find an AD service not only allows you to get your name out to all productions, but it is also a marketplace to display your skills and experience as you progress. 

All this has been achieved in less than six months. There is much more to do but we have built a strong base from which to move forward. 

So please think about how you can help the Guild.Put in your nomination for the Council election, or if you know of someone who would make a good candidate, ask them to apply and back them up in the vote for our new Council. Or you can help on one of our Committees and help the new Guild push forward in any of the many areas that you may be specifically interested. 

More details of the coming election will be sent to our members soon. Just pay your subscription, put your name in the hat and let’s build on what we have established for you. 


Interim Chair, AD Guild UK