Message from the Chair

Richard Lingard - Chair

Now that our first AD Guild election is over and our new Council is in place, I am delighted to be writing this as the first elected Chair of the AD Guild UK. My heartfelt thanks go to Jay Arthur, who chaired our Interim Council and, in many ways, galvanised the formation of the AD Guild with a few others, back in April 2020.

My personal thanks also go to every member of the retiring Interim Council, who worked so hard to achieve so much in just eight months. Some have been elected to the new Council and it’s great to be working alongside them again as we plan for the year ahead. 

What we have achieved so far…

The working structure of the Guild is now in place, along with the Committees, Constitution and newly-elected Council and Chairs. Our administration, membership and payment systems are working well and our website infrastructure is helping us run the Guild in all these areas.

Our Find an AD service is already well-used by people looking for ADs of all grades. Employers can now easily search for Guild ADs based on experience, skills and availability.

Our Telegram channels continue to provide real-time updates for our members on the latest news, job offers and advice.

We also recently finalised the purchase of Public Liability Insurance (PLI) Cover for all paid-up AD Guild UK members which is included in their subscription fee. We are delighted to be able to offer this key benefit of Guild membership so soon after our official launch and we would like to thank our hard-working Pensions & Insurance Committee for getting this organised.

So what’s next?

We need your help on our Committees

  • Equality & Diversity

  • Pensions & Insurance

  • Rate Card

  • Regional

  • Education & Training

  • Website, Social Media and Content

  • Continuing Drama

Our Guild Committees will be the powerhouse of the Guild, where ideas and proposals are formed, discussed and then actioned by its members.  If you would like to be part of one or more of these, or have a particular area of interest and some time to spare, please do get in touch – 

We are hoping for feedback from BECTU shortly on the new AD Rate Card which Guild members helped to inform by taking part in one of the largest AD rate surveys carried out to date.

We are also currently working hard on our Guild Education and Training programme, which we hope to launch in the next few weeks – more details coming soon on this.

Now that the Guild is launched, the real work for our members can begin. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any thoughts or suggestions – we are here to help where we can.

Best wishes, 

Richard Lingard

Chair | AD Guild UK

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